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Jul 30, 09   Sarah   1 Comment

I added all the candids of Emilie that were missing in the gallery. She looks so gorgeous in these candids! Filming “Remember Me” – June 22 Filming “Remember Me” – June 29 Filming “Remember Me” – June 30 Filming “Remember Me” – July 1 Filming “Remember Me” – July 2 Filming “Remember Me” – July […]

Jul 24, 09   Sarah   0 Comment

I added candids of Emilie filming Remember Me and scans from the latest tabloids: Life and Style Filming “Remember Me” – July 14 Filming “Remember Me” – July 20 Filming “Remember Me” – July 13

Jul 15, 09   Sarah   0 Comment

Huge gallery update today – I added over 2,000+ pictures of Emilie attending appearances throughout the years in medium and high quality. Enjoy! Appearance Photos 2001 – 2009

Jul 08, 09   Sarah   0 Comment

Captures from the 4th Season of LOST have been added. Emilie isn’t in this one too much (and she’s not in the 5th season at all) but hopefully the writers will make up for it in the 6th! LOST > Season 4 > Screen Captures

Jul 05, 09   Sarah   0 Comment

Candids of Emilie filming “Remember Me” in New York have been added as well as a gallery layout! Filming “Remember Me” – July 1 Filming “Remember Me” – June 30

Jul 05, 09   Sarah   1 Comment

Captures from Season 3 have been added to the gallery. Season 4 will be done soon! Bonus Features Screen Captures

Jul 04, 09   Sarah   0 Comment

Scans of Emilie from the weekly tabloids have been added to the gallery: Last additions – MAGAZINE SCANS

Jul 03, 09   Sarah   0 Comment

Captures from the second season of Lost have been added: Season 2 > Captures