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Jan 27, 19   Sarah   0 Comment

Last week, Emilie attended the Baeo Launch Party and brought her adorable kids along with her! And last night Emilie looked stunning at the G’Day USA Gala. Enjoy! APPEARANCES > 2019 > January 20th – Baeo Launch PartyAPPEARANCES > 2019 > January 26th – The 16th Annual G’Day USA Gala

Mar 03, 18   Sarah   0 Comment

Hello, everyone! I just wanted to make a few site announcements. First, the new gallery is completed, and I have removed our old gallery. You can now find photos of events, photoshoots, and all of Emilie’s projects in our new gallery! Second, with finishing the gallery, I have also finished redoing the entire series of […]

Jan 17, 18   Sarah   0 Comment

Happy New Year, Everyone! Just wanted to make a post that I’ve added lots of new photos and upgrades from events and cons Emilie attended throughout 2017. APPEARANCES > 2017 > April 21st – Magic Con – Day 1APPEARANCES > 2017 > April 22nd – Magic Con – Day 2APPEARANCES > 2017 > April 23rd […]

Oct 21, 17   Sarah   0 Comment

  APPEARANCES > 2017 > October 18th – The 6th Annual Australians in Film Award & Benefit Dinner

May 27, 17   Sarah   0 Comment

In April Emilie attended two days of Magic Con, I’ve added several images from the event. Enjoy! APPEARANCES > 2017 > April 22nd – Magic Con – Day 2APPEARANCES > 2017 > April 23rd – Magic Con – Day 3

May 24, 17   Sarah   0 Comment

Back in March, Emilie attended the Once Upon a Time convention in Vancouver. Thanks to Ashley Davis there are really wonderful pictures from it. Be sure to check out her photography as she has lots of goodies for OUAT fans. APPEARANCES > 2017 > March 26th – OUAT Vancouver Con