‘Brick’ HD Screencaps + Production Still Upgrades

[ Written on February 18 2020 by Sarah ]

Hello, all! As you might have heard, Brick was recently released on bluray for the first time. I’ve been able to get my hands on an HD copy of the film, so I’ve added 1080p screencaps to our gallery along with upgrading a couple of production images. I hope you all enjoy!

‘The Perfect Game’ Screencap Upgrades

[ Written on October 27 2019 by Sarah ]

Hello, everyone! I managed to get my hands on a higher quality copy of the The Perfect Game, and so I’ve upgraded our previous caps with some higher definition ones. Enjoy!

‘Love and Other Troubles’ Bluray Screencaps & Production Still Upgrades

[ Written on October 20 2019 by Sarah ]

Hello, everyone! Recently, I was able to get my hands on a bluray copy of Emilie’s Finnish film Love and Other Troubles, so I’ve added new bluray screencaps to the gallery. I also went through and found some upgrades to some older stills. I hope you all enjoy!

‘A Lover Scorned’ Production Still & Screencaps

[ Written on August 04 2019 by Sarah ]

Hello, everyone! I have added a still and HD screencaps from Emilie’s new movie to the gallery. I hope you all enjoy!

Emilie’s New Movie ‘A Lover Scorned’ to Air Friday, August 2nd

[ Written on July 24 2019 by Sarah ]

Friday, August 2 at 8pm ET/PT

Trapped in a loveless marriage, Brooke (de Ravin, Once Upon a Time) begins an affair with Jake (Howard, G.I. Joe), a young, hotshot insurance-agent. Their tryst turns deadly when the pair hatch a plot to murder Brooke’s husband Stephen (Parise, Supernatural) and cash-out on his life insurance policy. But when Jake begins to reveal his sociopathic tendencies, Brooke is forced to play the game of ultimate deception or become a victim herself. A Lover Scorned is executive produced by Leslie Greif. Producers are Alex Kerr and Eric Tomosunas. Roland Joffe directs from a script written by Leslie Greif and Nicholas Kazan.

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