True Colours Stills, Screencaps, & BTS

[ Written on July 07 2022 by Sarah ]

‘Making It Up As I Go’ Episode One Screencaps

[ Written on September 16 2020 by Sarah ]

Hello, everyone! As I previously posted, Emilie and Eric have launched their new web series ‘Making It Up As I Go’. It will chronologize their family RV journey across the United States. I’ve added screencaps from the first episode into our gallery, and I hope you enjoy! You can watch the series via Emilie’s instagram on IGTV.

‘BeastMaster’ Season 1 Screencap Upgrades

[ Written on May 30 2020 by Sarah ]

Hello, everyone! I managed to find a slightly higher quality version of Emilie’s episodes of BeastMaster. So far, I’ve upgraded season one…and keep your eyes peeled for season two coming later next week.

‘CSI: Miami’ Screencaps Upgrade

[ Written on February 19 2020 by Sarah ]

Way back in 2004 about a month after the pilot of Lost aired, Emilie made a guest appearance on the television series CSI: Miami. I have replaced our dvd quality screencaps with HD ones. Enjoy!

‘Brick’ HD Screencaps + Production Still Upgrades

[ Written on February 18 2020 by Sarah ]

Hello, all! As you might have heard, Brick was recently released on bluray for the first time. I’ve been able to get my hands on an HD copy of the film, so I’ve added 1080p screencaps to our gallery along with upgrading a couple of production images. I hope you all enjoy!

Emilie Attends Elton John’s 28th Annual AIDS Foundation Oscar Viewing Party

[ Written on February 12 2020 by Sarah ]

On Sunday (February 9th), Emilie attended the 28th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party.

Emilie Attends the LA Premiere of Netflix’s ‘Locke & Key’

[ Written on February 11 2020 by Sarah ]

On February 5th, Emilie attended the premiere of Carlton Cuse’s new show – Locke & Key.

Emilie Attends the 17th Annual G’Day Australia Gala

[ Written on January 28 2020 by Sarah ]

This year’s gala benefited the bushfire relief.

‘The Perfect Game’ Screencap Upgrades

[ Written on October 27 2019 by Sarah ]

Hello, everyone! I managed to get my hands on a higher quality copy of the The Perfect Game, and so I’ve upgraded our previous caps with some higher definition ones. Enjoy!

‘Love and Other Troubles’ Bluray Screencaps & Production Still Upgrades

[ Written on October 20 2019 by Sarah ]

Hello, everyone! Recently, I was able to get my hands on a bluray copy of Emilie’s Finnish film Love and Other Troubles, so I’ve added new bluray screencaps to the gallery. I also went through and found some upgrades to some older stills. I hope you all enjoy!

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