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May 24, 17   Sarah   0 Comment

Hi, everyone! Just wanted to announce there’s been a slight change to our gallery (don’t worry it makes your browsing much easier!). Now, when you click on a thumbnail, you will be able to save full size images without having to click again to open it. If you have any questions, you can send a tweet […]

May 22, 17   Sarah   0 Comment

Hello, everyone! I just wanted to announce that we have brand new themes. A huge thank you to Ana for making our headers and to Neide for customizing our themes! I am saddened for Emilie that Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis decided to write her character off of Once Upon a Time along with many […]

Dec 24, 12   Sarah   0 Comment

We would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

Apr 04, 12   Sarah   0 Comment

If you have adblocker the main page will look fine to you! If not, it will be fixed as soon as we can! Now for the news: Once Upon a Time: Emilie de Ravin to Return as Belle! Plus, a Frenemy Is Back! Lost beauty Emilie de Ravin will return to ABC’s Once Upon a […]

Apr 03, 12   Sarah   0 Comment

Both the gallery and main site have new layouts by Ana and coded by Natalie of Lost Sheep Designs! Hope you guys like! =)

Aug 02, 11   Sarah   0 Comment

We have a new layout in the gallery by Ana and coded by Lost Sheep Designs, hope you like it!

Feb 28, 11   Sarah   2 Comments

We have a brand new layout in the gallery by Ana! It’s my favorite one to date!

Mar 28, 10   Sarah   0 Comment

We have brand new layouts in the gallery and the main page by Ana and coded by me! If things are still showing up pink, refresh and everything should change. We also have a new section, fan art. We have one awesome drawing by Heath, so go check it out! Also, please submit your graphics […]

Jan 16, 10   Sarah   0 Comment

New Season 6 Promotional pictures 🙂 GALLERY LINKS: Lost > Season 6 > Promotional Photos > Set 3 EDIT: I’m working on getting fixed the Episode Stills of Season 1 issue. EDIT2: Issue corrected here.

Jun 24, 09   Sarah   2 Comments

Welcome to Emilie de Ravin Fan, your newest source for all things Emilie. I have been wanting and wanting a site for her since the second season of Lost (around 2005) and I’m finally glad I caved in and decided to do it. The gallery will be constantly expanding and I’m working on making this […]