Exclusive : Lost‘s Emilie de Ravin moving to Americana

[ Written on February 22 2012 by Sarah ]

Hearing today that one of the “Lost” castaways might have washed up just south of the Bubba Gump in Times Square.

Actress Emilie de Ravin, known to TV viewers as the adorable ‘Claire’ on the late ratings-terminator “Lost”, may be continuing the Aussie takeover of “Americana”.

The actress, I hear, is in talks to play the daughter of fellow Aussie Anthony LaPaglia on the ABC drama.

The show, centering around fashion designer Robert Soulter (LaPaglia) and his family business, is infused with a heavy drip of a Aussie blood – aside from the “Balibo” star LaPaglia and the newly-announced de Ravin, local Natalie Mendoza is co-starring as LaPaglia’s former wife and acclaimed Oz filmmaker Phillip Noyce is directing the pilot. It was announced earlier today that Ken Olin would play LaPaglia’s brother on the series.

de Ravin comes from the same part of the country I do, in fact her parents are about 30 minutes down the road. Not that that’s the reason I fly the flag for this talented actresses career; I support it because she’s just divinely talented and I’ve enjoyed everything she’s done thus far. The Victorian’s big break stateside was on the WB series “Roswell” – she played Tess, the most mysterious of the closet extra-terrestrial clan that the show centered around. Then, proving she subscribes to the bible of versatility, de Ravin took on the role of the sweetheart mother-to-be on J.J Abrams’ castaway drama “Lost”. And I know it wasn’t widely-seen, but “Remember Me”, the flick de Ravin did with “Twilight” alum Robert Pattinson, was a terrific flick; She and Pattinson had terrific chemistry in it, but more so, the petite blonde really ‘brought it’ in the film’s powerful emotional scenes. And again, very different character that one. Can only assume her character here is apples to Claire’s oranges too


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