FLAUNT Magazine’s April Spring Fashion issue “The Census Issue.”

[ Written on April 16 2010 by Sarah ]

Emilie is featured on FLAUNT Magazine’s April Spring Fashion issue “The Census Issue”. First of all i want to thank you Mary Catherine from the Flaunt Magazine for providing us and you all this.

MAGAZINE SCANS > Flaunt Magazine’s Spring Fashion issue “The Census Issue” (April 2010)

Credit and thank you to: Mary Catherine, Don Flood (photographer) and the April issue of FLAUNT Magazine for the exclusive looks, of the cover (which features only Kristen Stewart) and an Exclusive Outtake of Emilie’s editorial which isn’t featured on the magazine.

Detailes of the issue
Emilie is ravishing modeling high-end fashion in 8 original photographs by the acclaimed Don Flood. The magazine is printed on a combination of luscious papers (Emilie’s feature is on a gorgeous, elite linen), and the outside cover is a re-imagined paper replica MCM handbag. This issue will augment collections the world over, and fans are welcome to pre-order copies directly through our office.

To make a order of the magazine directly from Flaunt
The issue itself costs $8.95, domestic shipping is approximately $10.00, and fans are welcome to purchase copies by credit card or by checks made out to Flaunt Magazine. Mary Catherine’s e-mail address and phone number are listed below.
Pre-ordered issues will be available to ship in two weeks. This issue is very likely to sell out on newsstands!
Email adress: mary-catherine@flauntmagazine.com
Phone Number: +1 323 836 1046

You’re all welcome to order it!

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7 Comments to "FLAUNT Magazine’s April Spring Fashion issue “The Census Issue.”"

  1. sally says:

    my god she is so beautiful . very hot. she should be on the cover not kristen stewart. emilie is 10000000 times better than kristen

  2. sabrina says:

    I took the photo to put on my site I hope you do not mind.
    I just have one question for another photo will be published and where you find this picture because I seek and I find just that Kristen?

  3. Ana says:

    Hi Sabrina. i’m sorry but no one is allowed to post the photo on other places, Flaunt Magazine only allowed us to put it up. Sorry, can you please take it down? Thank you!


  4. mckenzie says:

    “Exclusive Outtake of Emilie’s editorial which isn’t featured on the magazine.”

    so does that mean emilie de ravin’s photos WONT be featured in this magazine’s pages? because that’s the only reason why i would want to order it, please let me know, thank you!

  5. Natasha says:

    Hi McKenzie,
    It’s an outtake – there’s definitely a spread in flaunt mag, but this picture isn’t the one published. =) Let us know when you get it!

  6. Dann says:

    Jaw-dropping outtake! Can’t wait to see the full spread.

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