Parade.com: ‘Lost’ Star Emilie de Ravin: ‘It’s as Confusing as It’s Always Been’

[ Written on March 13 2010 by Sarah ]

Emilie de Ravin returns to Lost as the phenomenally popular ABC series heads to the end of its final season. And the 28-year-old actress is about to get even more attention for her steamy scenes with Twilight’s Robert Pattinson in the drama Remember Me.

Parade.com’s Jeanne Wolf found out that the Aussie star is pretty laid back about being Pattinson’s leading lady.

Co-starring with one of the hottest hunks in Hollywood.
“It didn’t really sort of affect anything as far as work goes except that there were a lot of people around watching and, like, one or two paparazzi, or maybe it was one or two hundred. Everything had to be barricaded off, which didn’t stop the fans from screaming while we were trying to film a scene.”

How about those love scenes?
“Everything between Robert and I in every way was just very natural and calm. We just had a very good comfort level. After we met, we sort of learned so much about each other as people and we just immediately kind of clicked.”

And don’t expect any revelations about the finale of Lost either.
“I still don’t know how it ends. I’ve got no clue. It’s as confusing as it’s always been. We’ve still got a few weeks left to shoot, so I’m constantly sort of surprised when I’m given a new script. I mean, it’s insane the things they come up with, but really in a great way. This time Claire is a different person, it’s basically a whole other Claire, so it’s been fun sort of figuring out her journey.”

The last season has felt like the first.
“Honestly, I think my favorite moments were at the beginning of the series when the original cast was working together and just sort of hanging out. This final season has been like the old days. It’s kind of nice getting back to that if you just forget that it’s ending which is kind of sad. But I’d much rather have it conclude while it’s still good and people are still interested as opposed to just sort of petering out. I will miss it though.”

She won’t miss the sun and waves.
“Hawaii is drop-dead gorgeous, but you kind of get sick of going to the beach every day. When I’m back in L.A., I don’t go nearly as much as I thought when I moved here from Australia. I was like, ‘L.A., it’s all about the beach.’ But unless you live in Santa Monica or Malibu, it’s quite a drive.”

Or the bugs.
“The sand flies, mosquitoes, that kind of thing are really bothersome in Hawaii. L.A.’s kind of bug-free. I think the bugs all die from the pollution. They all kind of migrate up north. It’s like, when do you see a fly in L.A.? But I love spiders. They kill all the bad things you don’t want around anyway. So I’m OK with them.”

Remembering her minimalist wardrobe as a castaway.
“It was kind of fun because we got to go through other people’s suitcases and take things that didn’t fit and cut them up. It was nice for a change not to be sort of thinking, ‘God, does that make my butt look big?'”

Still no fear of flying.
“I’m quite a good flier. I never really freaked out too much. I mean, it’s a lot safer than driving a car. I think the thing that freaks people out and which does freak me out a little bit is that you don’t have the control when you’re flying. You’re not the one who is going to make that plane go down. When you’re driving, you have a lot more control, but the buck stops with you.”

And she’s no bottle blonde.
“I’ve never dyed my hair. I’d actually love to dye it black, well, not quite black but really dark brown, one day, just for a change. But I’m told it will never come back again. I think there’s definitely the stereotype of the dumb blonde, but if people buy into that they’re lame. I wish people looked to people more for their personality than looks.”


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